Not many cities are as synonymous with their signature food as Buffalo, New York, however for over 200 years the Queen City existed without an event celebrating their trademark wings.  All that changed with the launch of the National Buffalo Wing Festival in 2002.  The event now brings in thousands of people from nearly all 50 states consuming an average of 30 tons of wings each and every year...and a whole lot of Labatt's to go along with it. 

While most head to the beach or the lake over Labor Day, we've made it a habit of packing our bags and heading for downtown Buffalo for our annual intake of 'beef on weck', icy beers, and of course the best wings this country has to offer.  Grab some wet naps and join us as we recap what should definitely be on your Next Escape list...

The Anchor Bar was founded in 1935 and is recognized as having been the originators of that delicious saucy piece of meat we've all come to know and love as the Buffalo Wing.

The Bar Bill Tavern is a suburban Buffalo institution, housed in a century and a half old building in East Aurora, serving up ice cold beers and what Thrillist determined were the best wings in the entire US of A.

Launched in 1979, the Bar Bill Tavern Mug Club now boasts over 2,500 members, who all have the name of their choosing etched in their own custom beer mug; most of which reside on shelves behind the main bar.

You'll be hard pressed to find Beef on Weck anywhere outside of the Buffalo area.  The sandwich features horseradish topped fresh sliced, thin cut, rare roast beef served on a kimmelweck roll (a hard roll topped with large salt crystals and caraway seeds) dipped in au jus.  While the wings get all of the attention, Beef on Weck steals the show in our book.

Even with a boom in Buffalo craft breweries in recent years, Big Ditch Brewing Company has managed to set themselves apart from the pack.  Named in honor of The Erie Canal, The Big Ditch is churning out innovative beers in delicious flavors with only the finest ingredients around.

Featuring Hall of Famer Gilbert Perreault and All-Stars Rick Martin and Rene Robert, the French Connection was a line of French Canadian hockey players for the Buffalo Sabres who played together for nearly a decade leading the team to their first Stanley Cup appearance. 

A Modern Marvel, the Erie Canal played a major part in the rise and fall of Buffalo, connecting the Atlantic Ocean with the Great Lakes and a majority of the American heartland.



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