DAX MCCARTY OF The New York Red Bulls // Citi Bike X Hudson Sutler

Dax McCarty is the Charlie Conway of the New York Red Bulls.
If the name Charlie Conway isn't etched into your memory, allow us to remind you. Charlie was the hard working and selfless leader of the Goodwill Games winning Mighty Ducks.  His modesty and honesty set him apart. Parents wanted their kids to be Charlie Conway.
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Well, we speak for your parents when we say they now want you to be like Dax McCarty. 

For the last 4 years, when Dax isn't on the pitch you can normally find him holding it down in the West Village in a cozy corner of NYC.  When we met with Dax, we grabbed some Citi Bikes and scooted around Westville from the Westside Highway to his favorite coffee spot and to the Path Train he rides to Red Bull Stadium.

Dax's NYC could be your NYC. You just might not need to stop by Adidias for any photo shoots... this week. 

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Favorite Cup of Joe
I love heading to THE ELK around the corner from my place. It's the quintessential coffee spot on the cobble streets of the West Village. (we agree, check it out in photo #4).

Favorite A-typical Night
Spin NYC
I don't want to say I'm great at Ping Pong, but I do enjoy

When you want to get you sport fix
Chelsea Piers
It's just amazing to think that one place has all these options. Golf, rock climbing, volleyball... it goes on.

Favorite Escape
Westside Highway
When I want to clear my head, I take a walk or a run along the Westside Highway. I also have to live right off the West Side Highway, so it's super convenient. 

Daily Go-To
Leroy St. Dog Park
My Frenchie, Koji, and I go to the park daily. (Sadly, Koji, was on vacation in Miami during out shoot...)

Favorite Foodie Spot
Tie between: RedFarm /Barbuto
The West Village has some incredible food. It's one of the many reasons why I love this neighborhood. These two spots are my favorites though. 
Favorite View
Battery Park
When I want a "wow" I really live in this city feeling, I shoot down to battery park. From there you have 1 World Trade and the Statue of Liberty. It's an amazing spot. 

Iconic NYC Spot you still love
Madison Square Garden
I try to see the Nicks and Rangers play as much as I can, and I love seeing shows. Not to mention, MSG is a mecca in it's on right. 

Summer Favorite
Frying Pan
I absolutely love killing sunny afternoons with friends on The Frying Pan. Though, if you're fair-skinned like me, bring your sun-block or you'll fry too!

City Convenience
PATH train
To me, the entrance to the PATH Train near my apartment is one of the most beautiful things in the city. Also, the path is my most used for public transportation... My commutes to practice and games all begin and end with the PATH.


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