What's Your EDC? // Grant Hewit of Hudson Sutler

1) Notebooks (these from my boy Andrew Tew @ Flooded Streets)
Though I’m 100% operable from just my phablet phone, I always have a notebook on hand to jot quick notes or ideas

2) Motive Pure
I drink an obscene amount of coffee. Motive Pure is a life saver when it comes to keeping even remotely hydrated.  (it’s a pretty effective at killing a hangover, so I’ve been told)

3) Jump Drive + Extra Batteries + Credit Card Swiper + Mobile Hot Spot
Welcome to running a startup in 2015. 

4) Biz Cards
Have to get people to the website some how.

5) Key Chain + Citi Bike Fob:
As much as possible, I get around exclusively on CitiBike. Best addition to NYC since Chiptole.  The Keychain…it’s a poorly made momento from a trip to Huacachina Peru, the story behind it is a classic “lost in translation” one.


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