Canvas Cleaner Spray (8 oz. bottle)

We expect you to take our bags anywhere, and sometimes "anywhere" isn't very clean.  So it was about time we made it easy to go anywhere, and then remove it from your beloved duffel, cooler, dopp or tote.  Hudson Sutler canvas cleaner spray removes dirt, buildup and surface contaminants.  Oh and did we mention this solution is handmade with all natural ingredients, and suited for treated & untreated fabrics?  Now we did.  

Directions // Brush any loose contaminants from the surface of the fabric before applying. Spray onto the affected areas and scrub with a soft bristle brush. Pat dry with a lint-free cloth and allow to fully air dry before waxing. This product is designed as a spot cleaner for dirt, surface contaminants, fresh spills and light buildup. Not suited for stains, color transfers and marks that are deeply set.

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