Welcome to Williamsburg.

Ryan (RB) Babenzien, Brooklyn local, founder and CEO of Greats Brand.

Home of the HBO powerhouse Girls and and the footwear industry disrupting Greats Brand. And today our guide is non other than Ryan (RB) Babenzien, founder and CEO of Greats Brand.

With the amount of buzz Williamsburg generates, we felt like it'd be perfect in the lead off spot, like Ricky Henderson. 

Now, New York is a big city where people are quick to dig into their neighborhood's culture and community. And while we here at Hudson Sutler lovingly call NYC home, we'd be lying if we said we knew Williamsburg well.

But that's why we travel. To visit friends and make new friends. To see new cities with the people who know them well. And that's why we called RB. With his home, headquarters and flagship retail store all within ten blocks from the Bedford Ave L stop in the bustling Williamsburg community of Brooklyn, RB was the perfect Williamsburg guide. 

Check out what we learned during our morning with RB. 


Great little spot in Williamsburg where I grab coffee in the morning or a sandwhich to go

Kent Ave Waterfront

Best bike path in NY. Grab a citibike and clear my head and take in the view of Manhattan

Rooftop Bars

There are a few in Williamsburg I like to hit when the weather is right. The bar on the roof of Urban Outfitters on N6th is a sneaky little spot that is never to crowded..

West Side Hgwy Bike path...

Pilgrim Surf Shop

Cool surf shop in Williamsuburg my friend Chris owns.