Are the only styles available Yorktown and Niantic?

  • Yes.  At this time, we're testing the platform with our most popular styles but expect to roll out monogramming on all duffels and garment bags in the coming weeks.

Why can't we get monogrammed dopp kits?

  • Since the dopp kits contain a spill proof liner, embroidering them would puncture the liner and undermine the integrity of the liner

How long do monogrammed orders take to ship?

  • For this beta test we're expecting monogrammed orders to ship within 4-5 days, but when the platform goes live officially, our turn times will be a blazing fast 24-48 hours.

Can I monogram in a different style?

  • For this beta test we're working with just 2 styles, but expect to roll out 2 more in the coming weeks, and over time offer logo monogramming via our website
We will continue to add questions we field to this list, but if your question isn't on here, please email us for assistance!