“Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you traveled.” – Mohammed 

There are some college students who seem to "get it."

College offers a unique time to travel, study abroad, or follow your team and tailgate around the country. We recognize this as one of the best parts of the college experience.

We want to celebrate with you during this unique period of your life. Our goal at Hudson Sutler is to make incredible travel gear so that the experiences you have can live forever in the gear you travel with. 

We were building a team of college reps that "get it" and want to get started building that legacy. Our goal is to help this team make the most of their college experience. We want to support your entrepreneurship, outfit you with sick gear, but also offer opportunities to travel to some of the places we love.

Who We’re Looking For

Entrepreneurial, well-connected students who are eager to share our products, network with similar brands, and are driven towards producing sales. A love for travel, willingness to go new places, try new things and report back with the best of the best is mandatory.

What's in it for YOU?

-An inside look at how to build a start up lifestyle brand from scratch.
-Ambassador Onboarding Kit: Hudson Sutler branded gear (hat, sunglasses, koozie, t-shirt, and stickers) just for being accepted!
-Discount Codes for all your Friends and Family + Discounts with additional brands
-$100 Gift Card after 3 online sales using your unique referral link
-Sales commission on every order
-Ambassador Challenges with opportunities to win cash prizes & additional free gear
-For any Ambassador who goes above and beyond, landing a full time gig with yours truly could be the ultimate goal.

What We Expect

-You'll be a positive extension of our brand. Talk about us. Talk to us. Share on instagram, post on facebook, fire off tweets.
-We expect that you take advantage of your situation and use your resources.
-A rockstar Campus Rep will sell bulk orders to his/her campus fraternities, sororities, sports teams, campus clubs, and book stores. They'll build and sell custom bags for special events (i.e. Homecoming or rivalry games) and champion the brand in their campus communities.
-A great campus rep will earn tons of free gear and cash to go right in your pocket... what's better than that?

Think you've got what it takes?  Apply below!