The Hudson River from NYC

Great people. Great places. Great things. 

At this point, we hope you know that that's what we care about here at Hudson Sutler. That's why we're always showing you our favorite stops in the cities we visit. 

Well, for the next two weeks we're staying local.  

This time, instead of escaping the city, we're escaping to different neighborhoods in NYC. We're cruising around the city on Citi Bikes with some awesome people to show you some of the places and things we love in NYC.

Our goal is to show you around our city the way we move around the city, on Citi Bikes. In our opinion, if you live in New York and you're not a Citi Bike member you're blowing it. 

So we reached out to our buddy Will, at CitiBike, and sometimes things are meant to be. Citi Bike is going through massive growth in NYC, expanding the offering and infrastructure to make their service even better in the city. 

We clearly want to be a part of this... So we came up with a concept: City Life on Citi Bikes; the big city on two wheels. 

We decided to call some of our most interesting friends and find out about their NYC. These people each call New York City home but they each have such unique experiences and favorite spots. As always, this project was a lot of fun and we're excited to share it with you.
So wether you're a New Yorker and you're just looking to get outside of your neighborhood or your planning to visit NYC for the first time... Here's to the #NextExcape