Some Questions we've seen along the way....

Cleaning & Care // Updated 8/21/14
 - We recommend you spot clean your duffel bag where it gets a little dinged up. Warm water and a small amount of fabric cleaner should do the trick.

Personalized products and Monogramming
 - Our team is working behind the scenes to offer this option right through the interwebs, in the meantime we're able to monogram orders of 6 or more units.  Send us an email and we'll take care of it.

Special Edition Bags
 - We're always putting together great new styles with our friends, but there are only so many made. Don't be late to the party, they're limited for a reason. Once we're out, we're out, and you’ll just be jealous.
Returns & Exchanges
 - We've got a pretty reasonable return and exchange policy. Please refer back to our R&E page (  If something is especially wonky, or you have a question not touched there (i.e. you're looking to replace your shoulder strap), let us know at 
 - Once order is placed, all HS products will ship within 2 business days
 - Sorry, we're currently only shipping within The United States. **Stay tuned as we are setting up accounts in Canada and overseas as quickly as we can...
 - We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express and IOU’s from Lloyd Christmas...they're as good as money.